MaST’s Educational Service Provider team assists MaST II with several school functions and operations. They also collaborate with the school on driving the MaST model and replication of the programs that have made MaST successful. ESP representatives collaborate with MaST II staff on a weekly basis. Below are ESP members and a brief description on the expertise they bring to the table.

John F. Swoyer III, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Swoyer serves as vision leader and driver of the MaST model across schools. He collaborates with the MaST II community and helps to implement new strategies and programs to drive the success of the school. He was responsible for the MaST II application and approval of the replication of the MaST model. His desire to open a second school was driven by the motivation to offer a MaST education to more children in Philadelphia. After four years of expansion discussion and requests, MaST applied to a process to replicate its charter and was granted MaST II. Mr. Swoyer has been with MaST since 2004 and is the CEO of MaST Charter School. His roles have included Director of Technology, Chief Information Officer, Chief Operations Officer, and his role today as the Chief Executive Officer. During his tenure as CEO, MaST has seen its wait list more than triple, growing to over 9000 applications in four years. He has also driven MaST to transform into a school that focuses on STREAM (Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, and Math).  Mr. Swoyer believes that every student learns differently. He is a strong advocate for differentiated instruction, innovative integration of technology and blended learning.  The creation of unique spaces is a key to developing student learning. The Library Media Center, Virtual Fitness Center, Playground of Innovation and Learning, Makerspace, BUILDIT Center, and the Middle School Robotics lab are just a few of the spaces that have been developed under Mr. Swoyer and recognized as unique spaces that create engagement and help define the MaST model.  He will continue to serve the school and the Board with insight into the future ideas to grow the educational model of the school. Mr. Swoyer also serves on the NE YMCA Board, The Coalition of PA Charter Schools, and has testified on several panels for education and funding for schools in PA. Under his leadership, MaST was ranked the number one charter school in PA in 2015, named an Apple Distinguished Program for their one-to-one device program (2014-2016), and named a P21 Exemplar School in the 2014-2015 school year (STEM focused award). 

Suzanne Colon, Head of Community Relations and Innovative Projects

Suzanne Colon received a bachelor’s degree in English from Pennsylvania State University. She obtained her 7-12 English certification and Masters of Education from Chestnut Hill College. Ms. Colon also holds a K-12 Media Specialist certification. She taught middle and high school English before she worked at the School. In 2011, she started at the School as the K-12 Media Specialist. Ms. Colon’s role has transitioned over her years at the School and she has been involved in assisting with the implementation of new technology programs, coordination of K-12 curriculum development, management of larger school projects and space remodels, oversight of admissions and enrollment, the organization of all school files and publications, and the planning of fundraisers and events. She has also assisted with grant writing and the School’s replication efforts. Her current role at the School includes managing all school communications and community relations along with managing the admissions and enrollment process.. She serves as a school representative on both parent groups and assists in the coordination of fundraisers and events. Ms. Colon also assists in carrying out the School’s vision, mission, and branding.

Matt Ehrlich, Head of School Operations

Matt Ehrlich is MaST’s Head of School Operations. He received his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology in 2007 at Penn State. He went on to pursue an M.B.A. and received it in 2014 from Ohio University. After teaching in the elementary, middle, and high school sections of MaST over the last 7 years and serving as the athletic director over the last 6 years, Matt became the Head of School Operations.

Angela Koenig, Technology Integration Specialist and the Federal Programs Coordinator

Angela Koenig started at the School 12 years ago as a Student Teacher and then transitioned into a Classroom Assistant role while she was completing her Undergraduate Program at Holy Family University. Once she obtained her K-6 Elementary Certification, she took on a long term sub position in 4th grade that later became a permanent role. While she spent five years in the classroom, she also attended Penn State World Campus to earn her Master’s in Education specializing in Educational Technology. Ms. Koenig was offered the opportunity to become the Technology Integration Specialist. As the Technology Integration Specialist, she works with the Technology Department, Administration and Teachers to introduce and integrate various technology programs and devices including Google Apps for Education, iPads and Chromebooks. Ms. Koenig is also the Federal Programs Coordinator and has coordinated the completion of the Comprehensive Plan. She works to plan Title I Parent involvement nights and to ensure MaST is in compliance with regards to federal funding requirements.

Alida Fitzpatrick, Head of Special Education

Alida Fitzpatrick is the Head of Curriculum. She holds a Masters in Elementary Education from Holy Family University. She is certified in Special Education and also has her Reading Specialist certification. She was a regular education teacher for nine years prior to MaST.  For most of her time spent at MaST, she has been devoted to RtI and supporting at risk students. 

Phil Havens, System/Network Administrator

Phil Havens is MaST’s System/Network Administrator.  He has now been an employee at MaST for the last six years. He began his journey with MaST as a service learning student during his senior year of high school. He was assigned to the Technology Department to assist in solving technology issues around the school. After graduation, Phil was offered a position as a Computer Technician and quickly proved his worth through his extensive knowledge and dedication to technology and his role was expanded to Information and Systems Specialist. Now, in his current position of System/Network Administrator he continues to help manage and integrate many technology projects and initiatives within our organization. Some of the projects he has managed include our 1:1 iPad and Chromebook programs, Google Apps for Education integration, camera/security system, and wireless network upgrades.

Kaitlin McDonough, Technology Coordinator and Systems Manager

Kaitlin McDonough is MaST’s Technology Coordinator and Systems Manager. She holds a BA in Computer Management Information Systems from Holy Family University. During her 9 years at MaST, she began as an intern, was hired as a computer technician and was promoted to technology coordinator. She has been an active member as well as project manager for various technology projects. Kaitlin works to maintain the student information systems to ensure the accuracy of data used for state reporting.

Michele Morgan, Human Resources Manager

Michele Morgan has worked at MaST for a little over 10 years.  She started as a Classroom Assistant in Third Grade, then moved to the front desk helping in a secretarial capacity before eventually taking on her current position as Human Resources Manager. Mrs. Morgan organizes all front office procedures and support staff. She processes all paperwork and payroll for staff along with coordinating the interview and hiring process for employees. She works as a liaison for staff members and communicates important information pertaining to benefits, payroll, and school functions. Mrs. Morgan also maintains all clearance and certification paperwork for staff while also assisting with new staff orientation and mentorship.

Maureen Scipione, Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer

Maureen Scipione has worked at MaST for three years as the Assistant to the CEO and Board of Trustees of MaST and Isaac Newton performing a variety of administrative duties. Prior to MaST, she worked as a Medical Transcriptionist and Executive Assistant to the CEO of Aria Hospitals. Mrs. Scipione prepares all board resolutions and agendas for monthly board meetings. She also records all board meeting minutes and manages documentation of all policies and procedures. She coordinates all meetings, schedules, and reports for the Chief Executive Officer and coordinates information flow among the Board, the administrative team, teachers, and all other staff.