Who Are We?

The mission of the Association of MaST Parents is to support MaST Community Charter School in partnership with the CEO and Board of Trustees (BOT)


The purpose of the AMP shall be: 

  1. To work collaboratively with the CEO and the Board of Trustees
  2. To raise monies through activities coordinated and approved by the CEO and/or the MaST Board of Trustees.
  3. To sponsor special school activities at the request of the CEO/BOT.

AMP and MaST have worked tirelessly over the past few years to continue making contributions to the students of MaST via their fundraising efforts.  Thanks to a lot of hard work and dedication, MaST has been fortunate enough to be able to expand our programs so that we remain one of the top charter schools in Philadephia.

Did you know that the AMP and MaST Fundraising efforts have:

  • Allowed us to create the STREAM Playground?
  • Enabled us to fund the development of our awesome Media Center?
  • Allotted us money to provide iPads for our 9th grade students and outfit our MPR with a large projection screen?
  • Funded many of the activities for the Arts and Music program?
  • Provided our Athletics Department with money to supply the teams with much needed uniforms and equipment?
  • Given us the funds to start up our Robotics program in high school?
  • Empowered us to create the Panther Pride incentive program for the elementary students?