Who Are We?

The mission of the Association of MaST II Parents is to support MaST Community Charter School II in partnership with the CEO/School Leader and Board of Trustees (BOT)


The purpose of the AMP shall be: 

  1. To work collaboratively with the CEO/School Leader and the Board of Trustees
  2. To raise monies through activities coordinated and approved by the CEO/School Leader and/or the MaST Board of Trustees.
  3. To sponsor special school activities at the request of the CEO/School Leader and BOT.

AMP Members

Coordinator – Patti Ryan
Secretary – Keirston Scott
Treasurer – Kristyn Sauerwald
Kim Volz – Teacher Liaison
Kim Barth
Jessica Butterline
Ryan Davis
Stacie DeLise
Gwen Gardner
Amanda Holzer  
Victoria Jennings
Nadesha Mercer
Alison Sacks
Marcia Stewart
Kara Wisniewski
Julia Vincent
Jessica Springbelt

AMP 19/20 Events