The MaST II Parent Liaison Committee (PLC) is a group of parent volunteers who help to guide the administration and families on a range of topics related to the culture of MaST II. The PLC serves as a link connecting parents and school administration and works to strengthen the communication within the MaST II school community.

Parents and guardians can send liaisons messages through the MaST II web site via e-mail:

As liaisons, we will help parents solve problems, answer questions, and navigate through school channels. We encourage parents to ask questions or voice any concerns. We will respond to e-mail within 48 hours.

PLC members will also be available @ several future MaST II events and programs to help with concerns in person.

PLC Representatives:

Beth Cole

Stacy Leonard

Christina Schiavo

Meghan Utrata

Victoria Jennings

Gabriela Goncalves

Kierston Scott

Tolan Tran

Bridget Trautz

Rachelle Taylor

PLC Meeting Notes