Click here to fill out the custody/two households form

In order to streamline communication with families and ensure the safety of our students, we are asking for families to complete the following information regarding custody. Educational laws allow for both the custodial and non­custodial parents to have parental rights. In some cases, the court will issue orders regarding physical custody, legal custody, and protection orders. Unless we have a copy of an official signed court order, the school will assume both parents may continue to exercise equal legal and physical parental rights.

If any of the below circumstances apply, please fill out the custody form above so that necessary school personnel are aware of your family’s situation:

  • If you have an official custody agreement.
  • If you would like to update your previously submitted information.
  • If you have two households, but no official custody agreement.

Please note that all parents/guardians can stay informed by:

  • Visiting our school website
  • Visiting teacher communication pages
  • Signing up for MaST Digital Announcements
  • Subscribing to Text Alerts
  • All of these items can be done by visiting:

For any specific questions or concerns, please email and we will direct your concern to the proper contact. Thank you for assisting us with updating our records,